Our process

When building with NSync your journey will be smooth and stress-free. Learn about our detailed process below.

1. Understanding you and your why

Our priority is understanding your WHY. ‘Why’ you are wanting to renovate, extend or build a new home? This allows us to truly understand your needs, ideas, passions and budget, so that we can align them with exactly why you are building, helping determine the detail that goes into your home. We will happily offer ideas, experiences and information; however, our main goal is to make it all about you.

2. Pre D.A. or C.D.C. process

Whether you are at the planning stage or have plans already drawn up, we encourage you to come to us so we can discuss the possibility of building or renovating your home to ensure a successful outcome. If you do not have any plans at this stage, we can recommend some architects and designers that can assist with this process. If you do have plans, but require engineering drawings, a surveyor, certifier or any other reports, we can assist in recommending businesses that can help in these areas.

3. The D.A. or C.D.C process

Your architect or designer will arrange everything that is required for your council submission. We will also discuss with you how the Development Application (DA) or Complying Development Certificate (CDC) process works and what will be involved in the building journey to complete your new home or renovation. The DA will be submitted to the council and can take roughly 6-10 weeks (subject to council conditions and requirements). Upon DA approval, we will lodge the CC application to a private certifier which can take up to 2 weeks, subject to DA conditions. CDC submissions only need to go through a certifier, and Melissa can walk you through and assist in all areas of collecting information and submitting on your behalf. This process can take approximately 3-4 weeks from date of submission.

4. The detail in your project

While your job is in council or with the certifier, we will make the most of the time to go through your selections in detail. The selections process is one of the most exciting and fun steps of renovating or building your new home. We will guide you through this process, getting you together with an interior designer to help you select your interior and exterior colours, fixtures and finishes in your home that reflect your unique needs and lifestyle. However, if this is something you would love to do yourself, we can put you in contact with our fantastic suppliers for you to visit and select items at their showrooms.

5. Post selections

Once your design and selections process are completed in full, this gives us everything required to schedule your home accurately. We will also adjust any pricing at this stage if you have decided to upgrade anything or make any changes. Please note, it is you that determines the final price from here on depending on your final selections.

6. Contract signing

This is the step where everything starts to become a reality! For your peace of mind, we will prepare a comprehensive contract to outline every detail of your project. This forms your building contract with all the necessary insurances, timing and detailed personal requests you have made.

7. Deposit

We have now issued your Home Building Compensation Cover (known as Home Warranty Insurance) which covers you for 6 years structurally after your project is complete and now you are ready to go. All we need now is a deposit which is a percentage of the total contract value. Part of this payment covers preliminary items, ordering of materials and a good part of the first stage of building.

8. Construction

The construction of your new project can begin as soon as we have obtained a construction certificate from Council or the certifier. An additional detailed work schedule is updated and adhered to, streamlining the process and outlining updated time frames. You will be notified regularly with photos and descriptive updates of your project and sometimes, we will send you tasks to be completed along the way. Site meetings and walk throughs can be organised at a suitable time so we can keep you up to date and you can see the progress of your project. Chris oversees every job so you can rest assured that everything will run smoothly and professionally.

9. Handover

On completion of your new project, you will be invited to attend a final walk through inspection of your home with Chris. Once you are completely happy with the finished product, we will provide you with a complete home owner’s manual which contains warranties, certificates and maintenance information and then of course keys to your beautiful home.

10. Post construction

After we have handed over your new home, our relationship doesn’t end there! Chris and Melissa will be on call at any time there are concerns or issues you may have. However, after 12 months Chris likes to do a check of your home after it has had time to settle and be lived in.